Sunday, November 22, 2009

SID 6.7

SID 6.7 from Virtuosity

His mind is composed of 183 criminal's brains. SID's the best of the best, and he knows it. He was designed to train police officers in virtual reality scenarios. He is a fifty terabyte, self evolving, neural network, double back flip off the high platform. All complicated parts, not a swan dive--carrying the joy of killing each and every victim from 183 criminals inside of him. When you give voice to a smart mouthed super computer, you can't expect to not have ego issues. SID takes pride in his knowledge, capability, and power. Don't get in his way. Don't do anything he wouldn't do. Don't do anythign he doesn't tell you to do; and you'll live. Probably.
Defining characteristics: Smart alek, ego, has a habit of wearing interestingly colored suits, and is very conscienscious about his appearance.
More details here.
Comments about Virtuosity. According to Leonard, the director, Crowe has nailed it as SID 6.7…. “SID is totally synthetic and, because he’s made up of so many different personality profiles, he’s totally out of touch with reality. And the way Russell plays him, he’s such a fun villain-the perfect bad guy you love to hate. Russell has also been quite successful in bringing a sense of humor to SID.”

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